We started The Hiking Companion after being turned away from a hike because we'd brought our dogs.

We'd driven three hours to get there, weaving in and out of redwood forests, with one person and one dog getting car sick in the process. The trail info we'd read online had said the trail was dog-friendly... but no. They wouldn't even let us in the park gate.

There's a lot of bad info out there, and a lot of missing info too (why is it so hard to find doggie first aid info?) -- we want to help make hiking with your dog as enjoyable as possible. That's why we provide info on what trails are like, what to wear and bring, how to stay safe, even where to park. That way, you can focus on why you went hiking in the first place -- getting out into nature with your hiking companion.

Meet The Hiking Companion Family:


I grew up hiking with my family and in the Boy Scouts. I'm active supporting the animal shelters in my community (including practicing the dark arts of cat photography). Until recently a life-long East Coaster, I now well and truly know that the West Coast is the Best Coast.


I'm a vegan, avid runner, and devoted dog mom. My love for animals led me to decide to become vegan, and I'm an active supporter of animal rights causes. I grew up an Air Force brat, but have settled in on the sunny (or sometimes foggy) shores of California.


Chelsea found Grammar in the woods as a starving six-month old puppy, and she quickly became a loved and loving member of the family. Always up for a hike, always willing to keep going further no matter the distance, and with a coat that seemingly works in all temperatures, Grammar is the most energetic (and photogenic!) among us.


Mowgli is the elder statesman. As a lab-pit bull mix, he prefers napping to hiking. Mowgli doesn't handle heat very well, which is why we provide info on the amount of sun and shade for trails. Mowgli saw a big improvement in his quality of life with taking Adequan for his stiff joints, so we have a section dedicated to managing arthritis in dogs.